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Duckbuddies is a Collection of 555 3D Ducks living on the polygon blockchain, part of money made from this project will be used to support wildlife, you can read more on our roadmap.

Legendary Ducks




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just a short slideshow video.


Were The Idea Came From

Duckbuddies nfts are created to represent unity of the animal kingdom, and this idea came from ducks moving in groups, Ducks love to move around in flocks, especially with the mother duck as the head, leading her ducklings. Also, the communal behavior among ducks improves their social interaction and social harmony between the groups. .

What Is Our Goal?

our projects is here to help bring that unity and peace in the animal kingdom by saving the lives of species that are Critically Endangered and giving all animals equal right to life and a safe place for, species like, Black Rhino, Cross River Gorilla, Sea Turtle e.t.c.

Why Support Duckbuddies?

Part of the money made from sales will go directly to zoo and institution who are currently helping save the endangered species, a new foundation will be opened called theduckbuddies foundations, saving the lives of this animals will be our main priority.

What will you gain?

And as more benefits and value for the NFTs we are also lunching a token called DBT (Duck Buddies Token) and every holder of our Duckbuddies NFT we receive Airdrop of the new token which will be lunched soon, we are also working hard to create more opportunities and benefits as we continue the project, our holders will also have a 3D printed Duck sent to them directly to their doorstep representing the NFTs.


this project is all about helping nature protect our ecosystem and protect the endangered species and also create a safer atmosphere for their survival.


If you are a lover of animals like we do, I think this is the best project to support right now because this project have alot of physical benefits which will unfold as the project continue, you can support the project and help build our dreams of saving this species by buying a duckbuddies nft.